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Resources for the Business Manager


Accounting Software Solutions - Keys to Success   by iDrive LLC.   When most of think about our businesses, we focus on what we sell – our products and/or services.  We often forget that our organization must have a good underlying infrastructure to support it, or it will fail.  Putting that infrastructure in place can be expensive both in terms of time spent and dollars expended.  So when we make the investment, we want to do it wisely to ensure its success.

Practical Advice for Companies That Have Outgrown Quickbooks by J. Carlton Collins, CPA  With a reported 2.2 million users, Intuit QuickBooks is the world’s most popular accounting system. For the money, QuickBooks provides a nice assortment of features that cater to the needs of smaller businesses. However, QuickBooks has its limitations, meaning burgeoning companies can easily outgrow this product. In this article, accounting industry expert J. Carlton Collins, CPA, describes these limitations and offers practical advice for squeezing the most out of QuickBooks. He also suggests ways you can ultimately replace QuickBooks and compares the product with Microsoft Business Solutions Small Business Financials North America Edition.

Wunderlich Securities - Small Business Financials Case Study  Wunderlich Securities had experienced immense growth and needed a more robust financial and business management solution with powerful reporting capabilites and scalability.

Beyond Bookkeeping:  Software Strategies for Small Business Growth  Selecting software for a small business can prove a major headache — and selecting the wrong software can be even worse. A small business owner has enough to worry about without the migraine of application mismatch, a syndrome that plagues many in this vital part of the world economy.

Microsoft fully handling massive amounts of transactions and data. Scalability Whitepaper - 1,000 Concurrent Users  This whitepaper documents the successful performance benchmark testing of Microsoft Great Plains version 8.0 running with 1,000 concurrent users during heavy transaction processing activity across various functional areas of the solution. It proves Microsoft Great Plains’ capacity to scale as your business grows, successfully handling massive amounts of transactions and data.

Achieving Business Benefits from Point-of-Sale Systems This report analyzes the benefits gained by small retailers that choose computerized point-of-sale (POS) and inventory management systems versus traditional electronic cash register (ECR) systems. Aberdeen defines “independent retailers” as companies that own 10 or fewer brick-and-mortar stores and whose total sales are less than $50 million per year.

Microsoft® Business Solutions Project Management and Accounting  The purpose of this whitepaper document is to provide guidance on the deployment and configuration of the joint Microsoft® Solomon and Microsoft® Office Project 2003 Solution.

Microsoft® Solomon Integrated Innovation with Microsoft® Office  This paper is directed toward Microsoft Business Solution Solomon customers to help them understand the ways that Solomon and Microsoft Office form a powerful tool that connects information with the people and processes their organizations use to succeed.

Planning for Security in Microsoft® Business Solutions - Great Plains  Most organizations plan for external attacks and construct firewalls, but many companies do not consider how to mitigate a security breach once a malicious user gets inside the firewall. Security measures in your client’s environment will work well if users are not required to perform too many procedures and steps to conduct business in a secure manner. Implementing security policies should be as easy as possible for users or they will tend to find less secure ways of doing things.

What is the Cost of 3 Leads Lost? by Laura Preslan  Think CRM is too expensive and complicated for small businesses?  Think again.



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