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The First Steps to Achieving Effective Inventory Control  by Jon Schreibfeder.

Do you control your inventory, or does it control you?  Take control today with your FREE copy of the report.  Inventory ControlWritten by industry expert Jon Schreibfeder, this paper is filled with solid advice, perfected over two decades of helping thousands of distributors achieve better inventory management.  Find the keys to effective inventory management and unlock the door to improved efficiency, customer service and ultimately用rofitability.  You値l learn how to:

  • Identify profitable items and money-losers

  • Liquidate unwanted stock

  • Minimize the cost of filing orders

  • Evaluate overstock and dead products

  • Stock the products your customers want-when they want them

  • Know exactly what痴 in stock and where to find  it

  • Prevent order delays

You値l find proven strategies and ideas that can benefit your business.  Through better inventory management, it痴 possible to hit profit targets, increase market share, reduce operating costs and achieve sales goals. 

Respond to this limited offer, and you値l also learn about the latest specialized distribution and business management systems from Microsoft Business Solutions.  These easy-to-integrate systems can be implemented with minimal impact on your existing functions and staff. 

Order your FREE copy of The First Steps to Achieving Effective Inventory Control today by completing the form below.  Unlock the secrets to get the right products to the right customers, at the right time, at the right price.







The Essential Guide for Selecting Today's Business Software

Do you really have a clear understanding of which business management system might be right for your company or how to conduct a strategic search?  Here is the key!

Selecting business management software can be complicated.  To make a well-informed decision, you'll need to consider pricing, ease of implementation, functionality, growth potential, support and many other factors.

Business SoftwareWant to learn how to select the best business management software for your business?  Request your free copy of The Essential Guide for Selecting Today's Business Software.  This important guide is written by the consultants at SoftResources, LLC, a management consulting firm dedicated to providing unbiased software and vendor selection services to organizations worldwide.

The Essential Guide for Selecting Today's Business Software lays out the process of selecting the software that's best for your business.  Additional topics include customer relationship management (CRM) and application service providers (ASPs).  This guide explains the questions you should ask in your search - and the answer you should expect.

  • How do you evaluate the stability of a vendor?

  • Does the vendor invest in research and development to keep up with technology?

  • What level of integration should you expect, and what are the benefits?

  • How complicated - and how expensive - is the implementation process?

  • What levels of training and support does the vendor offer?

You値l also learn about one of today's hottest topics, e-business, plus learn how tightly integrated e-business technologies can give you a significant competitive advantage.  With no software recommendations, this guide gives you the unbiased information you need to find the solutions that's right for your organization - now, and in the future.

Get your complimentary copy today by completing the request form, calling (901)753-1469, or e-mailing contact@idrivellc.com.  Get the answers you need now!











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