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Microsoft Business Solutions - Retail Management System

This powerful retail software package runs on personal computers, integrates with Great Plains and Small Business Financials, and helps you manage a wide range of store operations and customer marketing tasks. 

Manage Inventory More Efficiently

  • Automate inventory management. Track inventory automatically across one store or multiple locations using any stock or sales method. Get insight into your inventory by finding out which items are the best and worst sellers. Use these classifications to assign new sales or price levels quickly for specific segments of your stock.
  • Reduce inventory costs and out-of-stocks. Maintain tighter control over inventory with automatically generated purchase order suggestions and stock levels, and the ability to transfer inventory across stores. Track storage of offline inventory including non-sellable or broken items.
  • Maintain multiple suppliers per item. Make sure you get the most for your money. Visibility into supplier histories makes it easy to select vendors who offer the best service and the lowest prices.

Streamline Point of Sale

  • Get easy-to-understand point-of-sale screens. Gain quick access to complete product and customer information.
  • Process transactions quickly. Point-of-sale screens allow your employees to process complex transactions efficiently. Cashiers can also reprint receipts or recall previous transactions from any point-of-sale register.
  • Offer better customer service. With access to complete customer histories, it's easy to target preferences. Suggest cross-sells and up-sells, advertise other products at the point of sale, and use information to market other products more effectively.

Simplify Card Processes

  • Save money.You can eliminate the need for separate credit card terminals and associated phone lines with an easy-to-use credit and debit card processing program
  • Reduce data entry. By integrating card transaction processing into business operations, you can reduce data entry and experience easier reporting and reconciliation of transactions.
  • Provide fast service. You'll provide fast, efficient service to customers; speed up check-out lines; and facilitate reporting and reconciliation of transactions.

Provide Superior Customer Service

  • Personalize service and accommodate your customers. Quick access to product and customer information helps your cashiers offer better service. Track entire transaction histories, providing information on customers' previous purchases, payments, and accounts. Call up digital copies of receipts from past purchases and take partial payments with ease.
  • Sell impulse items. With the multimedia NetDisplay, you can showcase products on a second monitor at your point of sale. NetDisplay is programmable and interactive—entering the customer's name can trigger personal greetings and reminders about items they buy on a regular basis.
  • Keep your sales team message consistent. Help ensure your customers receive the same consistent product information and messaging from your sales staff.

Improve Marketing

  • Create sophisticated sales and marketing campaigns easily. Test-market pricing concepts, sales promotions, and new products. Put up a better fight against competitors, including the bigger retailers who aren't as customer-focused as you.
  • Target mailings to your customers' special interests. Grant automatic discounts and differential pricing to special customers.
  • Customize your receipts. Add information about promotions for new products and specials.


To learn more about Microsoft Business Solutions Retail Management System click here.

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