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Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Microsoft CRM integrates with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Business Solutions for Financial Management, and other business systems to give employees a complete view of customer information. The ease of integration with Microsoft Office is of particular value—enabling staff to access Microsoft CRM information from Microsoft Office Outlook and work online or offline with access to sales functionality.

The simple configuration and ease of use of Microsoft CRM helps employees become productive fast, with little training. Easy-to-use wizards help you customize Microsoft CRM to your business specifications. Additionally, your Microsoft Certified Partner can help you customize your Microsoft CRM solution for integration with third-party applications

Microsoft CRM Delivers in Three Key Areas

Microsoft CRM is an affordable technology solution that helps automate and streamlines the three basic steps of CRM: identifying the customer, learning about the customer, and serving the customer. It provides members across an organization access to up-to-date information, and new ways to respond quickly:

1.     Improved access to customer information.

By integrating so easily with the company's back office system, Microsoft CRM provides easy access to vital sales and customer information. Employees can now view and update a wealth of customer data—including contacts; account, sales, and order information; service records; and history—and then share that information across teams and departments. With this data, office staff knows what has been communicated to the customer, understands the precise scope of the work to be done, and ensures the company delivers on its promises.

2. More responsive customer service.

With so much more information quickly available to both service workers and salespeople, it's possible to respond more quickly to client concerns than in the past. This boosts both customer satisfaction and, ultimately, employee morale. No longer do employees find themselves conducting hit-or-miss searches for the information they need to satisfy customers. Now such data is easy to locate and to put into the convenient form of a printed report.

3. Streamlined processes.

Microsoft CRM not only centralizes customer sales and service information; it can be integrated with other business applications so transactions don't need to be entered, updated and closed in multiple systems. Manage every customer contact, answer every question without delay, and act proactively to make it difficult for your competitors to keep up.

In addition, it's customizable to accommodate the unique needs of various industries. That means businesses can set it up to work the way they do, instead of having to work around inflexible processes often preset in business applications. 

The bottom line: Microsoft CRM can help your employees get information faster, serve customers more efficiently, and reduce time spent on routine processes. That means they can spend more time focusing on customers—and service.


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Download Microsoft Dynamics CRM Factsheets here.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales Factsheet

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service Factsheet

To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM click here.



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