iDrive tip: Streamlining payroll processing

This week’s tip offers a great way to streamline your payroll processing.  Would you like for your employees to be able to view their pay stubs online and receive email or text message notification at the email address of their choice when this pay period’s stub is available?  How about viewing and printing their own W2 forms?  Greenshades, a long-time third party software provider for Dynamics GP,  has a wonderful offering called Paperless Payroll that includes online paystubs and online W2 forms.

Stop Spending Money on Printing Check Stubs and W-2s
Greenshades understands that times are tough right now. Since we can’t do anything about the gas prices, we’re trying to help you save money by making a new package out of the modules that save our clients the most money each year. Greenshades Paperless Payroll will eliminate hours of work from each pay-run while allowing your company to cut costs on paper and postage. This new bundle is available for only $2.69 per employee per year.

Online Paystubs
Stop printing paystubs onto paper! Greenshades will automatically post your paystubs to your own secure web portal as part of the payroll process. We host your portal on our servers, so there’s no expensive equipment or licensing for you to buy. Employees can use any web browser to log in to view their complete pay history and may download or print their paystubs. Optionally, you may set up automatic email notifications to any employees whose email addresses are entered into Dynamics.

No need to:
• Waste money on paper

• Enter email addresses in Dynamics

• Buy expensive PDF Software

• Add steps to your payroll process • Host a business portal on-site

• Settle for statements that don’t match your corporate paystubs

Online W2s
Last year-end, Greenshades hosted over 1 million W-2s and other year-end forms, making it one of our most popular modules ever. We are pleased to include online W-2s with our paperless payroll offering. Online W-2s may be viewed, printed, and even corrected by employees directly. Each W-2 that is downloaded from the internet is one less form that must be printed, stuffed and mailed, saving you money.

No need to:
• Waste money on paper

• Stuff, stamp, and mail on your own

• Order specialized correction forms

• Deal with reprint requests

• Use separate software to file your forms with state and federal agencies

If you’re interested in learning more about these time and money saving options, please let us know.  We will be happy to arrange a short online demo.