iDrive tip: Help features available in Dynamics GP

Today’s tip is a review of the various Help features available to you for Dynamics GP.  Printable Manuals are a great resource for general learning.  Go to Help – Printable Manuals to pull up a list.  Manuals are sorted by module. Click on the link to open the appropriate pdf.
 Other Help information is available from the Help menu as well.  Help – Contents brings up a searchable list of all the help documents available.  This help documentation provides info about each setup or task in GP.  Use the Contents tab to see all content.  Use the Index tab to look at an index.  Use the Search tab to search for the information you’re seeking.

Help – Orientation Training takes you to a website that provides an introduction to GP.

Help – What’s New takes you to information regarding new features and enhancements in your version of GP.

One of my favorite Help features in GP is the context-sensitive help.  Let’s use Account Maintenance as an example.  You want to set up or edit a general ledger account, but you’re not sure what some of the fields mean.  Open the Account Maintenance window – Cards-Financial-Account – and press F1.  Alternatively, from the window, you may select Help – About this Window.  The Help information specifically for this screen appears.  The Overview tab provides a general description of the purpose of the screen and related help topics that you might want to explore to learn more.

The Fields tab provides a field-by-field description of the meaning/use of every field on the screen.

The Buttons tab provides details about every button on the screen.