iDrive tip: Using Mass Apply Receivables by Icon software

Today’s tip is about a product that simplifies and expedites payment application in Microsoft Dynamics GP accounts receivable.  Ican software offers Mass Apply Receivables.  Organizations that deal with a large number of unapplied payments or credit memos realize how much effort it is to manually apply large numbers of such documents.

Mass Apply Receivables automatically applies credit memos and payments with the ability to restrict the apply function to a specific range of customers and dates.  Additionally, it allows the user to restrict the operation to run only on those credit memos or payments having a link field populated which defines the invoice against which to be applied.  For credit memos, this field is the PO Number field.  For payments, this field is the Comments field.

The automatic apply process can be based on an import file specifying the credit document to debit document relationships including a sequence number for order of apply.  Alternatively, the automatic apply can be based on the mass apply logic defined in the Setup window (either by document date or document number).

MAR allows the user to apply credit memos and payments automatically based on due date, document number, or a linked invoice field.  Applications can be restricted by customer, customer class, and date range.  With a CSV file with only four fields, users can import one-to-many credit to debit document relationships for automatic application based on the imported apply file.

If you’re interested in learning more about this time-saving module, please let us know.