iDrive tip: The benefits of using the Smartlist Builder tool

Today’s tip is a refresher on the Smartlist Builder tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  This tool takes the highly popular, easy-to-use Smartlist tool and dramatically increases its power and range so that you can create your own, custom Smartlists.   These  Smartlists can include data from many sources and can also included calculated fields.

Easy Information Sharing
Create new SmartList objects by linking up to 32 tables, including those from third-party vendors. You’ll be able to combine information from work, open, and history files.

Smartlist Groups
Organize SmartLists more effectively by adding them to groups, matching the functionality of report grouping in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Real-time Data Manipulation
Create calculated fields for SmartLists to analyze profits, calculate commissions, and more. View summary information such as sum, count, minimum, or maximum.

Integrated Intelligence
Add restrictions to show only specified records. Control the display of numbers, formatting them as negative values based on the value of another field. Display the notes or account representative for specified fields. New user-specific restrictions can be applied to all users or specific users.

Go To Buttons
Create “Go To” buttons to drill down to a window—including windows from any third-party product—or to open other SmartLists, Web sites, and files.

If you don’t already own this tool, now is a great time to buy!  Due to the addition of Navigation List Builder capabilities to Smartlist Builder with upcoming releases of GP, the price of the Smartlist Builder license will increase from $1,550 to $1,950 on May 1, 2010.  If you buy today, you will get the enhanced functionality when it is released.

Please let us know if you’re interested in seeing more of this great tool!